In this section you will find all the server images we have created so you can run on AWS as either EC2 instances or ECS Containers.

EC2 Instance

What is an ec2 instance? It is simply a virtual machine running in the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud. EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud. An on-demand ec2 instance is a virtual machine that a user can rent by the minute, hour or annually, which ever his use need may dictate. Ortus Solutions has seen a long need to bring Lucee servers to the AWS cloud. What are it's benefits? You can have a site up and running in minutes without going through configuration hell. There are many people still running legacy applications who see a need to upgrade for security purposes or modernization reasons. It just makes since to remove your servers from on premises providers and move to the cloud. If you want customization on the AMI image we can help you.


Setup Your AWS Account

Going forward we will show you how to create an AWS ec2 web site using our Ortus hardened AMI's even if you have never done this before. The first thing you will need to do is setup an [AWS account](https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/create-and-activate-aws-account/) if you do not have one.

AWS Marketplace

The AWS marketplace is the place to find the Ortus Lucee CFML engine (Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS) AMI (Amazon Machine Image). You have a choice of a multitude of different sizes and use agreements. This includes from the free tier to the high performance paid tier. If you already have an Amazon account go login and go the Amazon Marketplace at this URL https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/ Once on this URL search for Ortus. From there click the subscribe button off to the right.

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